C-N-C ... how to suggest a cache (manual english)

Thank you for submitting a cache for review. To ensure the speedy processing of your submission, please mind the following:
  1. Title: GC-Code - Name of Cache (type of cache, misc. if and where applicable), eg GC35C1M - Excalibur (Tradi, PMO). This will help readers to quickly decide whether this cache is of interest to them.
  2. No spoilers: Make your description of the cache a trailer. Highlight what makes this cache special, but do not give away any surprises. Do not reveal things that are not told in the listing on purpose!
  3. Clickable link: Add a clickable link to your submission. This will ensure that cachers interested in the cache can easily find the original listing in order to view, save, bookmark or print it.
If you are a user of GSAK, please take a look at the Copy-to_clip.gsk macro. This macro allows you to submit a properly formatted summary of the cache. Here is an example: link.
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