Forum Guidelines

Be nice to each other!

So far for MY rules! :D

But here have to follow some judicial validations:

1. General:

For all posts published in this forum, the carrier of this forum and all moderators are not to be made responsible nor do they assume liability. The publisher is responsible for posts which may repudiate common law. He is also responsible for the correctness of the content.

Commercial advertise is not allowed.

To ensure the highest possible comprehensibility, the forum language is either Geman or English. Posts written in another language can be edited or deleted.

Publishing a post automatically includes an unlimited right to keep this post online. In discussions there is no right to demand the deletion of a post because otherwise the coherences will be torn apart.

With the first posting the user automatically accepts this guidelines.

Any kind of harassments are not allowed in this forum, nor in the message system and lead to instant ban of the affected account.

2. Publishing of images in the forum

All kind of pictures which are published in the forum have to be non adult stuff because this forum is public. This is also valid for the used avatars, no matter if they are realpics, pictures from the internet or comic pictures.

If we find adult pictured they may be deleted without warning and in case of repeat lead to the ban of the affected account.

3. The search

Before asking a question, please try the search button.

If you don't find an answer, please post your question as detailed as possible in the specific forum.

The search in the FAQ area might also add to the solution of your problem.

4. How to behave on this community website and in this forum

Foul language and obscene images will not be tolerated. This site is family-friendly. All forum posts must conform to a family-friendly standard and contributors must act accordingly. Personal attacks and inflammatory behavior will not be tolerated. If you want to praise or criticize, give examples as to why it is good or bad. General attacks on a person or idea will not be tolerated and can lead to a temporary ban of the affected account or in bad cases to instand and definite ban.

If you detect an offence against this guideline, please report it to the appropriate moderator or press the "Report" button.

5. Disclaimer

The admins/moderators make sure that the guidelines are not being violated. To assure this, single posts or even whole under-forums might be made temporarily unavailable or deleted completely.

In detail the following things are affected:

1. Posts, threads or forums which violate the free democratic basic order or common law.
2. Posts, threads or forums which set limits or affect the freedom of the individual.
3. Posts, threads or forums which violate or attac the privacy of the individual.
4. Posts, threads or forums which intend to insult, hurt or defame other people or to give them a bad reputation.
5. Posts, threads or forums which spread or trivialise radical stuff no matter of which direction.

User who violate these guideline repeatedly get a warning. Should they nevertheless go on with their bad behaviour, they can be banned temporarily or definitely from the forum.

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